Jumping rope was an activity that we all enjoyed when we were children. A small activity that we enjoyed as the innocence of childhood. Jumping and playing with our friends seemed so easy. But as we mature, we realize that this activity is not so simple and requires large amounts of energy and body movement. Therefore, jump rope can be replaced as one of the basic techniques of exercises. It’s so easy to do and it doesn’t requires any extra effort, such as gym memberships. You can practice it in your home or your backyard.

Here are some jump rope exercises and techniques just for you:

As with any activity, you should always begin with a warm-up-routine. Followed by a light skip rope or walking, just enough to get your heart rate up and your muscles warmed up. You should be relaxed, shoulders down with your back and ab muscles held in towards your spine. Look straight ahead and put your body weight on the toes of your feet. Push lightly up on your toes. Knees should be bent slightly, as your arms are relaxed by your side. Now begin to move by turning the rope in an arc over your head. When the rope touches the ground, put pressure on the toes, so that the rope goes under your feet. Slowly create a rhythm jumping over the rope, as it touches the floor. A program of jumping rope can be implemented by jumping rope and walking. Do this for about 10 mins and slowly add your intervals and the amount of time you jump rope.

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