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Just Simple specialises in building unique custom made systems. The most common of which are Content Management Systems (CMS) and ECommerce. Just Simple only builds customised ecommerice systems, we do not use ready made packages and simply adjust them for each client. We strongly believe every clients needs are different and thus to give each client the same underlying system would force our customers to compromise unnecessarily. While our systems are custom made and therefore require a considerable amount of work to develop, our prices are extremely affordable, making us a common subcontracting/outsourcing choice for many other web design firms around Australia.

Just some advantages of using custom made systems.

  • The system is made to fit the design, and not visa versa, meaning there is no compromise on aesthetics.
  • Most off the shelve systems perform poorely in search engines making custom made systems a safer choice if you value your rankings in Search Engines like Google.
  • You only get(and pay for) the features you need. Making your system as streamlined as possible.
  • It is a lot easier to add unusual features and scale the application in the future.

ECommerce/Shopping Carts

While each system we design is unique, to make life easier for our clients, we have put togather a set of functioanlity that is likely to be included in an ECommerce system. The spec is indicative of an extremely large and complex ECommere shopping cart, many of the features may not be necessary for simpler systems. Our clients can pick and choose which features they like and of course request features not mentioned in this spec. Download ECommerce Spec here.