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The old saying "if your build it they will come" does not apply well to the internet. Its always a very unfortunate yet common situation when a great website turns out to be a failure because nobody knows about it. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is considered by many to the most effective and affordable form of marketing today.

Just Simple Search Engine Marketing campaigns (SEM) encompasses both organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising into a powerful integrated approach towards driving qualified traffic to your website. 

Why is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) so effective?

Search Engine Marketing is so powerful because you are advertising to an already captivated audience, an audience actively searching for your products and services. Since the customers are already looking(searching!) for you the goal of SEM is make sure they find you(and not your competition).

Consumers are naturally averse to traditional advertising as a result of years of being bombarded with advertising messages through different mediums and are gradually becoming less and less receptive to those messages. SEM is different because it is not perceived by internet users as advertising but merely information delivered in response to their queries.

Search Engine Marketing Benefits:

  • Advertising to interested customers already looking for your business
  • Measurable - We can track your campaign indepth. We can calculate exactly how many users are coming to your website, where they going, whether they are buying and why are they are leaving.

    Most importantly we can track how much each customer is costing your search engine marketing dollars and thus campaign success and failure is much easier to determine than with traditional advertising media.
  • There is alot of customers - Search is now the most popular internet activity. There are millions of searches conducted each day in Australia across various search engines.
  • Cost Effective - Search Engine Marketing campaigns is  prooven to be one of the most cost effective advertising methods around. Furthermore the dynamic nature of the medium allows you to easily scale your campaign up or down according to its success.